Technical support

Our tech support team aims to solve all technical issues within 24 hours from receiving your query. The wheels are built to last, but in the unlikely event of a cracked case, a flat tyre or a dead battery please do not hesitate to contact us.

Any repairs to the wheel should be undertaken by an official representative of Project42. Please contact us to arrange.

Any attempt by the owner of the wheel to complete any repairs or alterations themselves voids any warranty or guarantee previously given by Project42.

In addition, please do not attempt to alter the battery pack, programmed speed, motor or any other component of the wheel as this will void any warranty or guarantee and will make riding the wheel unsafe.


Safety tips

Please make sure to wear suitable clothing and comfortable shoes that provide good grip. A helmet and protective gear must be worn.

Care must be taken to prevent any loose fitting clothing from becoming trapped in any moving parts. It is extremely important to keep all limbs clear of any moving parts of the product at all times.

To reduce the risk of an incident, users should avoid using the product on busy roads or crowded streets. Where the user is unable to maintain a steady and controlled pace as a result of congestion, it is advisable that the product is carried until it’s safe to use.

Pedestrians may not hear the wheel approaching. For this reason, care should be taken where the wheel is used in close proximity of pedestrians.

Usage should also be avoided on surfaces that do not have sufficient traction or on gradients that are too extreme. In addition, it is more difficult to control the wheel in rainy and snowy conditions.

Remember to reduce the speed when approaching pedestrian crossings or traffic lights. It is advisable that the product is brought up to a full stop in both these instances.

Do not attempt to operate the wheel on any form of public transport network.

The wheel must be carried whenever climbing or descending escalators or stairs.

Under no circumstances should the wheel be operated if alcohol or drugs have been consumed.

If in any doubt about the effects of prescription medication, the user should consult with a medical professional.

The user should refrain from using mobile communication devices while using the wheel.

Before any journey please check that:

  • there are no cuts, rips or damage to the tyre;
  • all moving parts are operational;
  • all safety lights are operational;
  • there is sufficient battery for the intended journey;
  • there are no cracks to the body.

It is recommended that the following be taken into consideration:

  • the user should keep their eyes focused on the road ahead at all times;
  • corners and bends should be approached with caution;
  • use clear hand signals when turning or changing direction;
  • remember to operate the wheel with enough space to react safely to any emergency;
  • stay alert when passing closed doors of any kind as they may open in the rider’s path.


To charge the product, connect the charger to the charging point prior to connecting the charger to the socket.

Where the product indicates to the user that the battery is nearing depletion, aggressive acceleration is likely to cause the battery to fully discharge. Gentle riding at low speed is recommended if a battery warning is given.The user should take care to ensure that the wheel’s battery remains in a good condition as a poorly maintained battery will have a significant effect on performance.Note that the distance that a wheel can travel will depend heavily on:

  • how much it is charged;
  • the weight of the user;
  • the riding style of the user;
  • the road, surface or terrain.


Cleaning the wheel

Avoid using abrasive products such as bleach and solvents as this may damage it. Use warm soapy water and a soft sponge. Ensure that the charging socket in stays dry during this process.

Tyre pressure

Ensure that tyre pressure is at the recommended level to ensure safe riding. An incorrect tyre pressure may also affect the handling performance of the wheel (please refer to the product specifications section in the user manual for further information).


All buttons must be kept clean and in good working order. Failure to do so may result in the user being unable to switch the wheel on and off.

The wheel arch

It is important to keep the wheel arch clear of any debris or obstruction, as this will ensure free rotation of the wheel.


Keeping the pedals and pedal hinges clean and free of obstruction will provide the user with better grip. This is essential for safe use.

Screws and bolts

Regularly check that all screws and bolts are secured tightly using an appropriate screwdriver.


Charging the battery sufficiently will prolong the battery life and ensure that your wheel is fully operational (please refer to the product specifications section for further information).


Regularly check that the case does not have any cracks. Any crack should be reported to Project42 immediately for repair. Do not attempt to repair any cracks yourself.



The warranty span begins when the customer receives the product and lasts for 2 years.

The product, including all of its parts, is under the warranty of our company (against any malfunctioning that may arise from defective manufacturing, installation defects and malfunctioning parts).

If the product goes out of order within the warranty time limit, the time spent during repairing will be added to the remaining warranty time. The maximum repairing time is limited to 30 working days. This time starts as soon as the Authorised Project42 Service, if there isn’t an authorised service station then the Product Seller, Distributor, Agency, or Representative has received the malfunctioning product. The consumer may place a notice of the malfunctioning by phone, e-mail, certified mail or by any other similar method.

If the product starts malfunctioning due to defective manufacturing, installation defects and defective parts within its warranty time limit, the product will be repaired without asking the consumer to pay any costs under the name of workmanship costs, replacement costs or any other name. The repair work that has been undertaken by this warranty will be delivered by Project42 authorized technical service stations or service engineers.

The obligation to free repair or replace the product does not apply to the circumstances outlined below:

  • if the malfunctioning is caused by the product not being used in accordance with the user manual guidance;
  • if it is determined that the product has previously been fixed or opened its parts has been replaced by unauthorised parties;
  • if the product has been used with improper voltage or faulty electric installation;
  • if the serial number of the product has been damaged as to make it impossible to identify or if it has been detached from the product surface;
  • if the malfunctioning is caused by the product being used with any accessory or equipment that has not been sold by our company or our authorised service stations;
  • the wear and tear that occurs on the surface of the product naturally after usage of the product which does not affect the product’s performance;
  • if the malfunctioning has occurred after an event of accident/crash, fire, lightening, rain, flood, earthquake or any other natural disaster;
  • if the product has been used for the purposes of racing, renting and training.

The determining of whether the malfunctioning has been caused by a usage error will be done by a report issued by a Project42 or Project42 Authorised Service Station.