Ninebot One light ring cover

£15 In Stock

Light ring cover replacement for a Ninebot One in case you scratch or damage the original one. Does not include LED light strip.

Ninebot One Charger

£85 In Stock

Ninebot One replacement charger unit for E or E+ model. Comes with a UK or European plug.

Ninebot One outer shell

£17 In Stock

The range of colours to replace an outer shell of your Ninebot One if scratched or damaged. Available in white, orange or green.

Ninebot One tyre

£14 In Stock

Ninebot One replacement tyre suitable for E, E+ and C models. 16 inch.

Ninebot One inner tube

£5 In Stock

Replacement inner tube for Ninebot One E, E+ or C models. Made of rubber. 16 inch.