Kingsong KS16a


KingSong KS16-a is a fresh addition to the electric unicycle market with great performance stats and unusual but familiar design. Unique telescopic handle shape.

Top Speed - 30 km/h

Max Range - 50 km

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Quick specs

Kingsong KS16a weight - 16.8kg
16.8 Kg
Kingsong KS16a top speed - 30 Km/h
Max Speed
30 Km/h
Kingsong KS16a full charge time - 4 hours
Full Charge Time
4 Hours
Kingsong KS16a max range - 50-60 Km
Max Range
50-60 Km
Kingsong KS16a max load 120 Kg
Max Load
120 Kg


What is speed to you? To us, it's a symbol of urban liberation that helps escape dull and tiring ways to commute. Kingsong KS16-a is an electric unicycle that offers a full-range door to door solution to these problems. 16-inch wheel inside facilitates all-terrain riding experience, whilst 340wh/680wh battery ensures you always have enough charge for hours of riding. Equipped with front and back intellectual lights, this Kingsong model helps your safety during the dark times of the day. The sustainable motor power of 800W delivers outstanding smoothness of the ride. Being one of the heavier models with the weight of 16.8kg, Kingsong KS16-a has a trolley handle for easy transportation. Great option for experiencing limitless capabilities of the hardware.

Kingsong KS16 large



Kingsong 16" is a powerful and delicate unicycle that offers great money/utility value, but is better handled by an experienced rider. 


This electric unicycle seems to handle wet pavements perfectly well, but this model hasn't passed any IP certifications. Similar to the majority of wheel models, we don't recommend to speed over the puddles.


Kingsong's motor ensures amazing performance on most terrains. Performs equally great on even, uneven and bumpy surfaces.


We recommend this Kingsong model to those who weight between 60-120 kg. Individuals below 60 kg might find this electric wheel difficult to handle and control.

 Kingsong KS16 recommended to

Atmospheric LED lights

Picking up a trend, Kingsong introduced spinning colourful LED lights on the sides of this model. Great addition to your routine ride.

Kingsong KS16 LED lights

Powerful stereo speakers

Another great feature of Kingsong 16” is in-built Bluetooth speakers that can be connected to using your smartphone or tablet. Picnics and ride-outs with your friends will never be dull.

KingSong KS16a extensible handle

Large pedals with non-slip covers

Being located rather high above the ground, the pedals on this model provide extra control and manoeuvrability. Kingsong has also introduced rubber non-slip pedal covers, which does help with overall stability.

KingSong KS16a pedal

Functional buttons

Together with on/off button (right), Kingsong 16” also has a FN button, that allows to switch between riding modes, control Bluetooth and intellectual lights settings. Easy to access and use with no need to use software all the time.

Kingsong KS16 buttons


Kingsong generic charger for 100V-240V mains. Average charging time is between 4.5 and 6 hours. Plug it in the office or in a café to have some extra juice.

Kingsong KS16 Charger

Kingsong App

Available for iOS and Android, this app is a multifunctional control panel for your electric unicycle. Monitor all the relevant performance stats, control speed settings and riding modes and update to the freshest software via this official Kingsong app.

Kingsong KS16 Smartphone App

Telescopic handle

Simple and elegant solution to the endless weight problem, this extendable handle provides a great utility for those hardcore commuters out there. The diagonal position of this handle works surprisingly well, providing you with steady control over your Kingsong while not riding.

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16.8 Kg
50 x 46 x 19.6 (cm)
30 Km/h*
50-60 Km*
Full Charge Time
4 Hours
Max load
120 Kg
Motor power
3000 W
Rated motor power
800 W
680Wh Lithium
* Result of Project42 tests
** The app is free to download from App Store and Google Play. A smartphone is not included to the package.
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Kingsong KS16a

All you really need in an electric unicycle

Tried it over the weekend and swapped my old ninebot C for this. The difference is huge! Lets me do the route home-work-home twice on a single charge, which is nowhere near my previous 220wh battery. Telescopic handle is a major upside for crowded areas.