Inmotion L6

Designed to commute, this foldable electric scooter is an ultimate solution for enjoying short and long trips.


Top Speed - 25 km/h

Max Range - 30 km

£499 In Stock

Quick specs

Inmotion V3 Weight 9.8kg
16.5 Kg
Inmotion V3 Top Speed 18 Km/h
Max Speed
25 Km/h
Inmotion V3 Full Charge Time 90 mins
Full Charge Time
5.5 Hours
Inmotion V3 Max Range 5-8 Km
Max Range
30 Km
Inmotion V3 Max Load 90 Kg
Max Load
100 Kg


Ultra fast and ultra reliable, InMotion’s foldable electric scooter is one of the biggest hits right now. With the maximum speed of 25 km/h and intuitive controls, this vehicle was designed for the commute. Just give it a light push and press the ‘trigger’: this beast can reach its top speed in a matter of seconds. Being motor and pedal powered at the same time, this electric scooter can be ridden even when not charged. Shock absorbers make it more than suitable for both short and long rides on uneven surfaces. Comes in fresh white and green, or stylish black and green colours.

Inmotion L6 Scooter



Shock absorbers are life savers for bumpy roads: try this scooter out on various surfaces, even or not.


Similar to all of our products, this scooter is waterproof and dustproof, making it possible to use in any weather conditions.


High capacity battery and foldable design make this electric scooter suitable for any types of commuting.

Inmotion H1 recommendations

Foldable design

Fold and unfold your device in a matter of seconds so you can pick up and carry it in public.

Inmotion H1 Hovertrax Design

Parking stand

Retractable parking stand will make your riding life way easier: park it whilst you’re in a coffee shop or at the office.

Inmotion L6 Parking Stand

Shock absorbers

The absorbing springs on the front and the back of the scooter make it a lot easier to ride on bumpy terrains and to conquer curbs

Inmotion L6 Schock Absorbers


Full charging time is around five hours: a single charge is more than enough for a daily ride. The 110-220V charging adaptor is suitable for global usage.

Inmotion L6 Charger

Screws and keys

Comes with an assembly kit: you just need to plug it in and attach the handles using the provided screws.

Inmotion L6 Screws and keys

Easy to control

Ride using the intuitive control panel with the throttle on the right hand side and the brake on the left. The power button and the mode switcher are conveniently allocated by the right handle.

Inmotion H1 Responsive controls

LCD display

Indicating the speed, charge and connectivity of the vehicle, the LCD display is very helpful when it comes to traveling or commuting.

Inmotion L6 LCD Display

REAR reflector

Worried about riding at dusk? Back reflectors will mark your presence on the road and notify approaching drivers.

Inmotion L6 Back Reflector


16.5 Kg
1037*540*1165 (mm)
25 Km/h*
30 Km*
Full Charge Time
5.5 Hours
Max load
100 Kg
Motor power
350 W
Rated motor power
350 W
48V 8AH, Samsung, Li battery
* Result of Project42 tests
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