Inmotion V3 Pro

£609 In Stock

Super-comfy ride, LCD display, built-in Bluetooth speakers, extendable handle and two wheels for extra balance. Tight turning circle and steady rides.


Top Speed - 18 km/h

Max Range - 14 km

Inmotion V3c

£419 In Stock

Basic model that offers the same comfy rides, extendable handle, soft side pads and two wheels for extra balance.


Top Speed - 18 km/h

Max Range - 14 km

Inmotion H1

£499 In Stock

A champion hoverboard from InMotion with precise controls and ultimately smooth performance. The best quality in the market.


Top Speed - 15 km/h

Max Range - 20 km

Inmotion V5F

£689 In Stock

Lean and simple design of this electric unicycle, together with unique user experience and great performance, makes it a promising runner-up.

TOP SPEED - 25 km/h

MAX RANGE - 35 km


Inmotion L6

£499 In Stock

Designed to commute, this foldable electric scooter is an ultimate solution for enjoying short and long trips.


Top Speed - 25 km/h

Max Range - 30 km

InMotion SCV tyre

£15 In Stock

InMotion SCV tyre, suitable for V3 and V3c models. 16 inch.

InMotion V3 and V3c charger

£70 In Stock

InMotion replacement charger unit for V3 or V3c model. Comes with a UK plug. Caution: DO NOT USE to charge an InMotion L6 scooter.

Inmotion V8

£950 In Stock

The new best all-rounder, this 16” wheel by Inmotion has all the features you will ever need

TOP SPEED - 30 km/h

MAX RANGE - 50 km

Inmotion V5

£549 In Stock

Pioneer of the V5 range, this electric wheel is the lightest of them all with the very same distinct design.

TOP SPEED - 18 km/h

MAX RANGE - 15 km