What’s in a Wheel Rider’s bag?

How to ride an electric unicycle - underlying dynamics (physics) and technique for beginners

We often ask ourselves: what’s the most exciting thing about electric unicycles? Are they the answer to alternative commuting or do they help us break away from everyday boredom? The answer cannot be separated.

We found two Londoners that share the same passion for the electric unicycle, albeit for very different reasons.



You thought you’d never see guys like Josh riding anything other than an S-class. Being a PR director in his 30s, Josh’s scarcest asset is time: dozens of meetings every week inspired him to look for something handy and light to get around the city. Despite being a flighty person when it comes to gadgets, Josh became a pretty loyal fan of using Firstwheel Surf on an everyday basis and it is almost impossible to catch him walking (or without a cup of coffee).

It’s quite a first impression for the journalists, too: a media relations samurai riding into the meeting on a ‘portable Segway’ is often the greatest icebreaker. He still prefers the quiet car rides home with his wheels resting in the trunk from time to time. The Firstwheel comes out again at the weekend BBQ, friends and family cheering Josh to show off his skills. It might be just the right time to start thinking about the wheel for his kiddo. Join Josh and other proud wheel owners in the Project42 global community of innovators today!



Chengiz is not a stranger in London. For an ‘urban explorer’ like himself, Shoreditch might be way too mainstream. Riding the electric wheels for over a year now, Chengiz is convinced there are no borders to limiting his spirit of movement.

Having tried dozens of different models, he’s made the choice by now: a shiny Ninebot One E, whose handy configs make a good match with his various riding styles. Riding backwards and down the stairs is almost as convenient these days; thankfully, the replaceable parts let him experiment with all the different ways to impress the crowd. The backpack was a lucky bounty of one of those unintentional ‘shows’: one of the amazed passers-by appeared to be a famous accessory designer happy to give one away to such an outstanding urban culture rep. Chengiz never hesitates to step forward and likes taking fascinating shots of his rides. Nothing to argue about here – the smoothest shots come from the smoothest feeling of riding a Ninebot. Oh, and by the way, he’d be happy to see you in our Project42 Academy sessions.

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