The future starts today

They say that the best way to predict the future is to create it. We couldn't agree more. We believe in ideas that will turn the world around. We are in charge of what is coming and we choose to make every day smarter and more beautiful. We think that spring has always been the most inspiring among the seasons, so it's definitely the time to start doing something differently. Sunny days are ahead of us and this is how much fun a walk in a park can get when you're on a self-balancing electric unicycle. Get outside, have a ride, glide on pavements, feel the wind on your skin and get yourself ready for the changes the life brings.

If you want to have a try - head over to our Academy page to discover where your nearest academy is and learn how to ride an electric wheel from one of our expert riders.

Be ready for catching amazed glances, no matter which electric monocycle you choose -  discover how it feels to ride, create the future you want to live in today.

Enjoy this short video and share yours with us.

The wheels used in this video: Firstwheel Surf, Airwheel X3 and Ninebot One