Four excited wheel riders hit Brighton beach on one of the hottest days of the year, and what ensues, is pure magic!


Four excited wheel riders hit Brighton beach on one of the hottest days of the year, and what ensues, is pure magic!

It had been a long while since we travelled to Brighton, and as our modest team arrived to be greeted by the blistering heat and sea breeze, we remember thinking: “When did Brighton get replaced by San Francisco?” Somewhere between the steep Everest type hills and bohemian greenery, we expected to see a trolley car steaming by, but alas, no. This wasn’t San Francisco, this was better – Brighton at the height of summer!

The car was parked and we finally disembarked after a long drive, most of which was spent exiting London’s bustling roads.  Our squad descended upon Brighton like a ‘flash mob’ of energy, spreading happiness and joy through our electric wheels. The Firstwheel Gizmo and its bright yellow colour shone, as though the sun on wheels, illuminating our experience.  While Inmotion V3 kindly provided the upbeat swanky soundtrack to our journey through the streets, the man and machine became one.


The electric wheels where an instant hit, marked by adoring looks as the locals swooned. The persistence of some was overwhelming! The rest merely watched as this most innovative and fun way to get about, whizzed past their dropped jaws of disbelief.

Brighton is a proof that ‘urban’ doesn’t simply refer to city life, but rather conveys the sense of a culture unto itself. For here we were in this Sussex town, enjoying the rolling green hills contrasted by an ever present deep blue ocean, and it was abundantly clear that Brighton is brimming with young tech savvy, creative types ready to try our wheels out without a second thought.


After riding along the beach for some time, it was time to head to the town, which was a stone’s throw away from the pier and beach front. The walls were donned with elaborate and elegant spray paint, colourful murals of urban style - yet another reminder of how this vibrant street culture has emerged from what was a sleepy Sussex seaside town. Brighton has transformed into one of the coolest places this side of the Channel, and somehow it still maintains equilibrium between sleepy seaside town with a staunch love for animals, and an upbeat raving Mecca.

Brighton’s long and lengthy promenade is a dream for wheel riding devotees. Flat and wide it allowed us to cruise in style and safety. The feeling of cruising the beach front, in the sun and breeze with great friends, was a first class - exhilarating experience.  Something we will definitely recommend!

The appeal of Brighton in summer is obvious, and as the droves of people, who lined the stony beaches, topped up on their favourite beer, the story of the four wheel riders became legend.  It is said that if you listen closely you can still hear their music echo through the streets, and all we know for sure, is that the electric wheel has changed the face of Brighton beach.