InMotion V5+ review

InMotion V5+ model is the newly arrived electric unicycle from SCV - a company previously known for many other personal transport devices, like the electric scooter, Segway-like vehicle (Robstep) and InMotion V3. Having expanded their range since summer 2015, SCV has introduced some great features in their new V5+, making it a great competitor in the EUC market.

Learning difficulty: Medium (Average learning time – less than 1 hour)


Tech Specs (V5+)

  • Top Speed - 18 km/h
  • Range - 35 - 40 km (claimed)
  • One 14” wheel
  • Battery: 280 Wh
  • Max Load: 120 kg
  • Bluetooth: built-in Bluetooth adapter
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
  • Weight: 11.5 kg
  • Rated motor power: 450 W
  • Soft leather calf and ankle pads
  • Rubber cover for the charging hub
  • Head/tail light
  • IP65 waterproof rating

What’s in the box:

  • SCV InMotion V5+
  • User manual, product certifications, warranty card
  • Extra pack of soft ankle pads
  • Charger
  • Extended Pump Nozzle
  • Pack of thematic stickers

The packaging seems a bit less robust and not as cleverly designed as for the V3 model, however still higher quality than that of Ninebot, Gotway and King Song. There have been some good improvements to the contents of the package. All of the documents (i.e. warranty cards, manual and certifications) now come in English, making it easier to familiarise yourself with the product. The manufacturer’s warranty for this electric unicycle covers up to one year full maintenance with 6 months on the battery pack and 3 months on the tyres.

Design and ergonomics

The overall look of InMotion V5+ is quite minimal, with a lot of space for you to fully customise the design. On the other hand, the design appears to lack a little bit of individuality and character, visually reminding us of the IPS Zero and the Ninebot One. Using the body of this electric wheel as a canvas for your creativity is a great way to improve on this and make the device more distinctive and personalized.

Overall, we feel that the company did a solid job at creating their first single-wheel device. All previous InMotion models were double-wheel, falling into a completely different riding experience category. The learning curve for using this product is very user-friendly and SCV clearly made the effort to make the users’ first experience of a single-wheel product as easy as possible.

InMotion V5 soft padsInMotion V5 button

The InMotion V5+ has, arguably, the softest and best placed soft padding that we’ve seen on any wheel on the market. The calf pads attached to the outer side of the wheel ensure your ankles will not get bruised during the learning and subsequent riding process. Additionally, for advanced riders, the extra pads make it easier to jump with the wheel, providing extra grip for the rider. It might initially feel that the placement of these soft pads was a questionable design choice, however they play a huge role for beginners to ensure a comfortable learning and riding experience.

Something we haven’t seen before is the button on the bottom of the handle. Picking up the wheel by the handle disables the motor, which means there is no longer a necessity of turning your wheel off when walking up or down the stairs, crossing the road, or attempting to carry it over an unnecessarily tall curb. This is a fantastic feature, however the quality of the button leaves us wondering how long it will last before jamming and having to be disconnected.

The on/off button has a completely different design; in order to enable your wheel you gently put a finger on it and hold for 2 seconds. Simply touching this button, while the wheel is on, will enable powerful head lights that can be used for night riding.

Test Ride

Coming in two variations, V5 and V5+, for extended range, the new InMotion offers quite a good price/distance ratio. Nothing close to 680Wh monsters out there, we expect the wheel to realistically have about 20-25 km range per charge (35-40 km according to the manufacturer). The speed of this electric unicycle is electronically limited to 18 km/h. This might be subject to change in the future, as many manufacturers offer options of delimiting your wheel as the users gain more riding experience.

Being a single-wheeled model, InMotion V5 and V5+ can easily handle sharp turns and inclined slopes (up to 20%). The pedals on this model are located higher than in most wheels we’ve reviewed previously. This design feature is clearly aimed at increasing the mobility of the product. We had some doubts previously about the pedal positioning on other wheels. The InMotion V5 and V5+ are also the second electric unicycle we’ve seen to have sandpaper-like grip tape on the pedals. This is another simple feature that adds quite a lot to the overall riding experience (especially considering British weather this time of the year). Having tested a few ways to make the pedals less slippery, we can assure you that adding grip tape inserts have proven to be the most effective one to date.

InMotion V5 chargerInMotion V5 pedals

The software feels quite different from what the company used in the InMotion V3. The controls are fairly soft, but still very responsive. The InMotion V5 and V5+ also have a set of safety features, including voice notifications (still American English, duh) and a top speed limiting mechanism.


The InMotion V5 and V5+ both have some outstanding features like grip tape pedals, a lift-up button and incredibly soft padding for your ankles. However it still appears to be quite far from the Electric Unicycle elite. SCV proved that it cares about improving the riding experience and is a few steps closer to solving the puzzle. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite feel that all of the design features have been rethought with the user in mind and some elements of the product can leave much to be desired in terms of build quality. The product retains a good price:range ratio and it’s great to have the option of buying a bigger battery version. The InMotion V5 and V5+ are steps in the right direction and we expect SCV to have even better future releases.