Firstwheel Gizmo Review

It’s a quirky, well-designed unicycle which is suitable for lighter riders and children. It can’t possibly compete with the ‘big boys’ for price, quality and range.

Product overview

A small wheel, a small motor and great fun - what an exciting little Gizmo! A full charge can go as far as 9 km with a maximum speed of around 16 km/h. To make it even more exciting, Gizmo is available in funky yellow or futuristic white. This ‘next gen’ transportation device is an absolute must for lighter riders or children and weighing in at only 8.8 kg, it’s one of the most compact electric wheels on the market.

Firstwheel Gizmo Electric unicycle

Tech specifications

  • Weight: 8.8 kg
  • Speed: 16 km/h
  • Range: 6 - 9 km
  • Full charge time: 120 mins


  • Max load: 60 kg
  • Rated motor power: 300w
  • Battery: 132wh lithium
  • Tire: one 12" wheel

Inside the box

  • The electric wheel
  • Charger


  • Training belt
  • Manual with tech instructions

   Firstwheel Gizmo Box Content      Firstwheel Gizmo Manual

Now, it did arrive in a fairly bulky box which was surprising for its size. The box is of a minimal design, but it does the job and the Gizmo was well protected when it arrived.

Design and ergonomics

It is probably one of the swankiest looking wheels on the market, with its fancy bright yellow colour, slick shape and ergonomically-thoughtful foot pedal design that fold completely into its housing. Gizmo may have been designed by Santa’s little helpers in Lapland - there is something cute and magical about this little Firstwheel.

With well positioned white and red lights at the front and the rear of the body, Gizmo can be used in the dark. The lights are more practical than those found on Firstwheel Surf and the covering panels look more organic. Fairly standardised battery indicators with the on/off button adorn the left-hand side of the Gizmo by the handle. The placing of the power button does not allow one handed operation, especially for small hands or children.

    Firstwheel Gizmo Front Lights      Firstwheel Gizmo Back Lights

From a distance it looks more like you are floating on a bright yellow box because of the 12” wheel. Whilst this looks really cool, when combined with the low pedals, it does reduce Gizmo’s manoeuvrability. This means that making sharp turns and riding over the bumps can be difficult and should be navigated carefully. Another small challenge with the pedals is that due to their sleek design, deploying them is not as easy as you may like. However, the overall quality of pedals is acceptable.

You will want to use extra padding with the Gizmo, the protection pads are slightly better than those on Surf, yet they still may not be sufficient for learners.

   Firstwheel Gizmo Closed Pedals      Firstwheel Gizmo Opened Pedals

   Firstwheel Gizmo Pads      Firstwheel Gizmo Power button

We also highly recommend starting your practice on a softer surface in order to avoid scratching your newly acquired tech. The quality of the plastic is average and yet standard for these entry-level wheels.


Firstwheel Gizmo’s looks make it a real contender: with a 300-350W motor, it is well suited in carrying lighter riders and perfect for children. It is recommended only for people under 60 kg. Due to its smaller motor power, the Gizmo 'screams' and struggles on inclines above 15%.

The acceleration is very smooth and simple to get used to. The wheel is easy to control in terms of accelerating and braking, which makes it a little safer than other electric unicycle models.

   Firstwheel Gizmo Charger Lead      Firstwheel Gizmo Led Battery

Curiously, the speed of this little ‘nippa’, the younger brother of Surf, seems to be higher than the Surf’s with the maximum speed of 16 km/h. Gizmo does not behave well on uneven and bumpy surfaces due to low motor power and low pedals position. Quick acceleration is not recommended due to the chance of falling into a pothole or coming up against a bump, the little Gizmo’s motor is likely to choke. Gizmo is less suited for commuting and yet, good for leisure.

132WH lithium battery takes around two hours to fully charge and can carry a rider for up to 9km. Depending on the rider’s size and riding style the average riding time is 50 minutes, lighter riders give the motor less work which makes the battery last noticeably longer.

Firstwheel Gizmo 


It’s a quirky, well-designed unicycle which is suitable for lighter riders and children. It can’t possibly compete with the ‘big boys’ for price, quality and range. However for leisure, it’s a superb unicycle with bags of fun. If you want to be the envy of others, including other wheels riders, or you want to get that perfect gift for a child or teenager – Gizmo ticks all the right boxes!

Reviewed by Lecon Fatinikun 

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