Family activity: riding electric unicycles...

Passion. It’s something that gets us moving. It gets us talking and sharing little sensations with our loved ones.

Passion. It’s something that gets us moving. It gets us talking and sharing little sensations with our loved ones.  It is often said that sharing an experience with someone bigger is more than just about going through it by yourself. As people who are ‘beyond enthusiastic’ about electric unicycles, we can agree that the best feeling is another person catching your e-riding vibe. Today, we take a look at families whose passion about electric wheels is joyfully contagious. Here are three contrasting stories about how electric riders and their kids spend their spare time.


First up – a father and two sons from France, newcomers to the Project42 EU Reps squad. (Want to become one? Here’s an email)

"My first experience of riding an EUC (Electric Unicycle) was mainly led by opportunity. I’ve been curious about electric wheels for about two years but the price and the lack of vendors were discouraging for me. This summer I saw an advertisement by a shop in Paris that was providing wheels for a much more affordable price that I had in mind and then decided to make a try with the cheapest model.


On the first day my two sons (10 and 12) were so attached to this new device I had to “queue” to be able to use it. By the end of the week we were owning three electric unicycles, so be careful with what you bring home! Summer was an amazing time to learn, to practice and enjoy riding. After summer holidays, we moved to another level after participating in our first ride with other wheelers. That’s the day we switched from an “around the house” field to “everywhere and as long as you can” rides.

With more experience, came more freedom to enjoy. Our electric unicycles managed to replace TV and video games in the hearts of my sons. We ride as often as we can and each ride is at least 15km. When the weather is not good enough it is time to train freestyle in the garage. 4 Months later, wheeling is now more than a hobby that my kids and I share with passion!"

R. Marchand, France. Ninebot One & GotWay x2

Next up, our official representative in Denmark here to tell why kids are so good at balancing.

"I bought my first electric unicycle 6 months ago – I got the cheapest model I could find, because I didn't know if I'd even be able to ride it. It took me two hours to manage to ride 20 meters without falling, but after that I was COMPLETELY hooked.


My son is 12 years old and I wanted him to try it as well, luckily he was also very interested. I held his hand for five minutes until he found his balance. Then he practised along a rail for another five minutes before he was off on his own. Kids have a completely different way of learning: they’re better at balancing because of a lower centre of mass, are more fearless, but most importantly have perseverance to master something exciting.

In "EUC Denmark" - the Danish Facebook group for electric unicycle riders, we are four fathers & sons who try to meet regularly and ride together. It's a good fun for all and a great way to spend time, talk to the fellow riders and bond."

K Moon, Denmark. Ninebot One

Lastly, some news from Singapore: a father of two, whose daughter mastered a Ninebot in less than a week!

"I’ve been riding an electric unicycle for 2 years now, and my daughters are riding for 6 months now. We can balance on one leg, can do a reverse and a ‘ballerina move’ spinning on one leg – all the acrobatic action! 

I think electric unicycles are rather safe to ride on the pavements. For example, the maximum speed one for my kids’ wheels can go is 18 kph, and they usually ride at 7-10 kph cruising speed. This way, a rider can avoid colliding with a pedestrian.

First off it was a fun family activity when I started teaching my daughters to ride. Then, my eldest daughter took on the initiative and managed to learn to ride a Ninebot in less than a week! As for my younger daughter, she is still riding on an InMotion which is easier to balance."

J. Chan, Singapore. Ninebot One & InMotion V3 x2

Looking at all the positive emotions and moments that these families have, we only want to encourage you to share the excitement of riding an electric unicycle with your dearest ones (and hope they’ll get just as excited!) Riding with your kids is an amazing hobby, and they are probably the fastest learners you’ve ever seen. Just make sure to provide all the necessary safety equipment, including a helmet, elbow, knee and shin protectors. Make your family activity as safe as possible!