4 gadgets from CES 2016 you have to try

At every CES it feels like, somewhere deep in the cellars of Vegas pavilions, there is a portal to the future where all the greatest projects and products come from. This year it wasn’t an exception: less pseudo-innovations (offence to hoverboards intended) and more genuine cutting-edge developments. We’ve decided to outline four of our favourite exhibitors whose products are likely to impact our society in the nearest future.


Probably the most original foldable design of a scooter that we’ve seen. Xcooter, however awkward that might sound, is an X-shaped bike-like electric vehicle by Miami based company called Smart-Rhino. With the weight of just under 20kg and the max speed of approximately 25 km/h, Xcooter is well fit for urban action. Although the 250W max motor output and the 240Wh battery capacity (about 20 km range) will leave most of the electric unicycle riders sceptical. The foldable ergonomic design of this electric scooter is nonetheless a great novelty that might soon get picked up by the industry.

Xcooter foldable electric scooter


Parrot Disco

Finally, a glider drone that can be easily controlled by an inexperienced pilot. Ideally, the new gadget called Parrot Disco can pilot itself, automatically manage take-offs and landings and reach 75 km/h speed up high, which takes aerial filming to the whole next level. The front camera is still something to improve on, as 1080HD now sounds a bit amateur, but the autopilot software inside gets us pumped for Disco’s release in 2016.

 Parrot Disco glider drone

Wired, Parrot Blog


Now, to the cavalry of personal transport. This drone called E-hang from the Chinese manufacturer promises to be the first full-size passenger drone with a biting price tag of £140,000. The max altitude it can reach is about 3,400 meters and the average flying time is just over 20 minutes. While seemingly impractical, E-hang is certainly a great aspiration that makes us think about Back to the Future flying taxis.

 E-Hang world's first passenger drone


Segway Advanced Robot

Are you familiar with Xiaomi? This company owns a major stake of Ninebot which previously acquired Segway Technologies in 2015. Partnering with Intel, this corporation has introduced the first robo-butler that was also a great modification of a Ninebot Mini. Moving rapidly in the personal robotic tech direction, Xiaomi plans to put together many more robot models for personal use. Our only hope is that a Ninebot One robot is yet to come!

Your personal butler robot from Xiaomi

The Verge

Impressed by the appearance of Snowden, shocked by the vigilant removal of the OneWheel copycat and astonished by the amount of other transport devices presented at the exhibition, we are finally back from Vegas. All things considered, CES 2016 was a crazy great time and it’s been a pleasure to come across so many cool developments and product concepts.