Ninebot Training Wheels

£35 In Stock

Perfect tool for beginners on their learning journey to minimise any possible damage of the wheel and make the process more enjoyable.

InMotion Handle Bar

£45 In Stock

One of the best ergonomic solutions of the year, this handlebar is a sleek and useful addition to the futuristic V5/V5F wheels.

Project42 Calf pads

£20 In Stock

Protective pads for your shins to reduce leg pressure while riding and learning to ride an electric unicycle.

Firstwheel Helmet

£15 In Stock

Reliable skateboarding helmet from Firstwheel with solid protection at the back and the sides of the head. Perfect for learning to ride an electric unicycle.

Project42 Helmet

£15 In Stock

A stylish helmet provides coverage to the sides and back of the head, offering greater protection when riding an electric wheel.

Ninebot One parking stand

£24 In Stock

Parking stand for your Ninebot One that can keep your unicycle steady when idle. Ideal for last mile commuting and storing the wheel.

InMotion V3 and V3c charger

£70 In Stock

InMotion replacement charger unit for V3 or V3c model. Comes with a UK plug. Caution: DO NOT USE to charge an InMotion L6 scooter.

InMotion SCV tyre

£15 In Stock

InMotion SCV tyre, suitable for V3 and V3c models. 16 inch.

Ninebot One inner tube

£5 In Stock

Replacement inner tube for Ninebot One E, E+ or C models. Made of rubber. 16 inch.

Ninebot One tyre

£14 In Stock

Ninebot One replacement tyre suitable for E, E+ and C models. 16 inch.

Ninebot One outer shell

£17 In Stock

The range of colours to replace an outer shell of your Ninebot One if scratched or damaged. Available in white, orange or green.

Ninebot One Charger

£85 In Stock

Ninebot One replacement charger unit for E or E+ model. Comes with a UK or European plug.

Ninebot One light ring cover

£15 In Stock

Light ring cover replacement for a Ninebot One in case you scratch or damage the original one. Does not include LED light strip.

Ninebot One trolley handle

£35 In Stock

Extendable trolley handle that can be easily attached to a Ninebot One. Perfect for last mile commute to avoid carrying the wheel.

Ninebot One Attachment bracket

£10 In Stock

Accessories attachment bracket is perfect if you want to add extra light by assembling a bike lamp or a torch. Sturdy and easy to attach.