About Us - Project42

who are we?

Project42 asks big questions that challenge our understanding of the world, and provide an access to products that answer life’s newest challenges. We are an international group of forward thinking professionals driven towards introducing cutting-edge technology. Dedicated and open-minded, Project42 strive to create greater partnerships with others to fulfil our vision of future innovation, today.

what we offer?

Newly emerging technology can initially be an unattractive, overpriced niche product. Only true visionaries understand the potential market for the affordable, personalised, high-tech devices that can usually be seen at the end of an extensive R&D process. The founder of Project42 is one such visionary, whose ethos for a better tomorrow drives an energetic, friendly, ambitious, and devoted team.

One of our latest solutions is the electric wheel. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have wheels for feet? Well, neither had we until we tried them. Amazing and innovative, the electric wheel is both fun and practical. A motorised wheel is stabilised by gyroscopic technology and controlled by body gestures and movements, with similar technology as found in the more familiar Segway. The single and twin-wheel devices are both manoeuvrable and economic for personal transportation or leisure. It truly is an expression of life reimagined.


We are on a constant lookout for new distribution and retail partners across the regions of operation.

We believe that talent is key to successful and rapid growth. Let us know if you’d like to work with us.